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“One team, with one purpose: to let our lives show that love serves”.

At BRC we're proud to serve together. We believe serving is a catalyst to spiritual growth and encourage all to live a lifestyle of serving others.

Would you like to serve with us? Find out how to below.

100+ Opportunities

God made you with unique gifts ad talents that you can use to serve others in areas for which you're passionate. With over 90 teams to choose from, we certainly have an opportunity for you to serve no matter your experience level! Browse our Love Serves brochure in the link below to find a team you'd like to join then fill out the form to join a team!

Recruiting Now!

These teams are looking for people to join them ASAP

Communion Helpers || 1 Sunday monthly || 7:30, 9:30, 11:00am (4 people)

Communion is one of the most powerful events that we get to celebrate as a church. Share the reverence and joy of this event with others by helping set it up every first Sunday of the month. These helpers set up communion elements before each service.  They ensure the bread and juice trays are full and appropriately placed. Training provided

**Great opportunity for those with limited availability and for families who would like to serve together **

Kids Guest Reception Hosts || 1-2 Sundays monthly || 11:30am (6 people)

Our Kids Guest Reception hosts have the privilege of helping parents connect with Black Rock community and enroll their children in our Kids Ministry programs. Hosts are there to welcome our guests and answer any questions they may have. If you have a desire to help new families connect with our church, you are a great fit for this team!

**Great opportunity for couples and families who would like to serve together**

Open House Helpers || 1-2 Sundays monthly || 10am - 1pm (3 people)

Last year we welcomed over 1000 guests to our church! Open House is the event where these same guests learn more about who we are and take their next steps to call our church their home. Help setup the Gathering room including the meal and information tables between the 10am and 11:30am services, then help with teardown after the event.

Guest Reception Aide || Weekly, flexible days || 1-3 hours (2 people)

Assist Guest Reception Director with data entry, mailings and event organization in order to best serve those who are new to our church. The flexible hours make this a perfect serving opportunity for people whose schedules afford them free time on weekdays.

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Meet the Director of Serving

Get an individualized look into serving!

If you are unsure about where and how to begin serving, let's talk! We'll take a look at your interests, experiences and passions to help you think of ways to cultivate a lifestyle of serving others. We'll also go over our onboarding process and fast track your steps to joining a Serving Team. Just fill out the form above and under "What team are you interested in?" select "I am not sure" to request an appointment. We'll follow up with you shortly.