Ride The Shuttle

As Ownership seminars take place, will you ride the shuttle?

We're excited to offer several new Ownership seminars for your continued learning on Sunday mornings. However, this additional use of our facility has a direct impact on parking as more of you will stay on site for more than one hour.

To make room for new people at Black Rock, would you be willing to help us create space by riding our shuttle from the Hi-Ho Motel on Black Rock Turnpike or from the lot across from the motel?  

Riding the shuttle is really easy. We have 4-5 buses and vans running continually from those two lots to the front doors of the church and then back. The shuttles run from 7:00 am - 1:30 pm each Sunday. Just park your car in the lots and ride the shuttle to the front doors.

Let us know you're making this commitment by registering the driver of your vehicle using the link below.